We are the Houston-area General Defense Committee of the IWW (Industrial Workers of the World).  We are working people employed in multiple industries; healthcare, education, service, telecommunications, oil and gas, etc. who are seeking ways to come together to defend each other in the absence of fighting organizations in our places of work, neighborhoods, and schools.

Our experiences are different as women, as queers, as Black, as Brown, as unskilled, by which we are stamped as specific kinds of workers.  But our allegiance is the same; to each other.  And our enemy is common; the capitalists and all those in their service: the landlords, the police, the Nazis, the State, the courts, and the schools.  Our peoples who were Black, immigrant, women, and unskilled formed the I.W.W. in 1905 precisely because all the other unions were too interested in fighting for the narrow, gendered, and racist interests of a skilled workforce.

They are not forgotten and we are building on the traditions they left us, where the working class can have the capacity to defend its interests now and for the abolition of a racist and gendered wage system in the future.


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