Compositional study as a necessary organizing tool in General Defense Committees

Sharing this excellent throwback from 2013 that shows a way of orienting toward housing defense and wage theft in contrast to beginning solely with the technical and logistical questions involved. It examines the composition of capital and labor in SW Houston and the social ecology of the Left. Though some of the latter points have been superseded, the methodology remains intact. We believe this approach is equally critical in building General Defense Committees across the US.

Building a Solidarity Network in Houston” by Rosa DeLux of Unity and Struggle

Last October, a handful of Unity & Struggle members living in Houston, TX, together with other Houston-based organizers, started a solidarity network, the Southwest Defense Network (SWDN). [1] Since then our work has grown and we have been learning a lot about the economic and political dynamics in the city.

In many ways, Texas (and the South in general) represents a future that the rest of the country is rapidly headed towards. At the same time, the contradictions grow sharper every day, representing a potential for offensive struggles among the working class that have not been seen in other parts of the country in decades. This post is an attempt to pull together an objective picture of what’s happening with the working class in Houston, specifically in the area we are working, and to lay out some of the strategic reasons why we have chosen this as one organizing project among others.

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